Thursday, September 24, 2015

Porsche Reveals the secrets Charge Sports Sedan just 15 minutes

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Advanced ideas on an automotive exhibition in Frankfurt on the weekend. One of them came from Porsche. Germany introduced a brand of sport sedan with a full technology-fueled purely electric.

According to information forwarded Porsche car named Mission Indonesia, E it could drove so far more than 500 km when the battery is fully charged. However, by 15 minutes, the car could've drove as far as 400 km more.

As the leading manufacturer Porsche introduced the innovative technology in the form of 800 volts battery (usually 400 volt).

In addition to doubling the voltage of the battery is also a lot of advantages compared to existing electric car currently, among others more lightly, and provide more space. No matter his port placed on the front side so pengisiannya more easily.

According to the claims, charging the fifteen minutes already charge the battery up to 80 percent. Not just that, there is also an induction plate can be placed on the floor of the garage. With it, any unnecessary battery charging via cable. With no plates underneath the car, stay parking, and charging continued.
iklan atas artikel

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Porsche Reveals the secrets Charge Sports Sedan just 15 minutes
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