Friday, October 23, 2015

2 Things Cause AC Not Cold

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Air Conditioning not cold could be the issue in the middle of the ride vehicle is kala a drought like this. Night temperatures in urban areas such as Jakarta alone can approach 30 digits degrees celsius, much less the time of day.

What then causes the car's Air Conditioning not cold, basically the issue was divided into two, namely electrical and mechanical damage.

 2 Things Cause AC Not Cold

Damage mechanical means a diminished freon or even exhausted. This condition happened due to a leak in the evaporator section.

The leak could be solved by patching or welding. But sometimes less good raw materials so that the leakage will spread in many points.

If the temporary nature, it can be patched. If you want to be great should be refilled. If welded Yes strong, but if you want to permanently replace Yes. If patched, this point is patched, a point that others do not.

In the meantime, the damage is in electrical occurs because the compressor is off. However, damage to the compressor can happen due to a number of factors, ranging from the cable car, up to the computer.

In electrical, maybe compressor is dead. Baseball way. It's cause the AC baseball winter. Blower only. The cause is what, maybe a fuse broke up. May magnetnya dead. Maybe the cable or from his computer. It's all been set of computer Yes. From his own computer, it can be problematic as well.
iklan atas artikel

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2 Things Cause AC Not Cold
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