Thursday, October 8, 2015

Details Lancer Evo X Final Edition!

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The existence of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Final Edition which has been ascertained as the last model while simultaneously closing the glory era of the legend of the Lancer Evolution be doin ' grief ' while good news for the fans.

News of grief because there will not be any more new model Evo after Final Edition, news excited because this latest model is the ultimate Edition with a myriad of greatness that will not be rejected by those who are fond of large powered sports sedan.

Mitsubishi has confirm the certainty of 1,600 units of the Lancer Evo Final Edition specifically for United following the 1,000 units which first spread in their hometown, Japan.

In terms of the physical does not appear to be a significant difference between model Lancer Evo Final Edition American version as well as in Japan. Both are built using base Evo X GSR wrapped with black aluminum roof, dark chrome grille, gloss black center chrome bumper, dark Enkei alloy wheels and a Final Edition badge on the trunk section.

Step in to the inside of the cabin, Mitsubishi and ensure maximum styling make the owner of the car with red accent stitching give in the circumference of the steering wheel, gear knob, center console, the brake handle and carpets.

As a cover of legendary sport sedan glory era, certainly will not be perfect without genjotan most runway from kitchen mantab 4-cylinder turbo 4B11T 2.0 litre that has been capable of generating up to power didomplang power of 304 hp and a peak torque of 413,5 Nm.

Currently Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Final Edition was marketed in the us in four color options, i.e. the new Pearl White, Mercury Gray, Blue and Rally with an Octane is starting US $ 37.995.
iklan atas artikel

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Details Lancer Evo X Final Edition!
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