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Exclusive Ducati Scrambler Paul Smart Edition

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Ducati Thailand fielded a new retainer from the cage, their classic Ducati Scrambler Saturday. The hosts of this exclusive special characteristic of the legendary Ducati racers ala named Paul Smart.

Exclusive Ducati Scrambler Paul Smart Edition
The emphasis of architecture itself is based on the stream of the Scrambler Saturday then adjusted with the basic Sport Classic Roadster. That's what makes it seem more alive and was impressed. Moreover, the world flow modifications now being crowded lift back vintage design.

The publication of the Paul Smart commenced Scrambler Saturday from meetings of the Managing Director of the Ducati Thailand, Apichat Leenutaphong, with Paul last year. Their talks from the beginning it was not far from the discussion and the Srambler modifications.

Some time later, the two were scrapped and started working on the design of the motorcycle is beautiful. In total, 11 months Ducati successfully complete missions ranging from design to enter production.

Laburan silver became the cornerstone of color with tan contrast to relive the essence of classic-styled old racebike. Starting from tank, a large painted and Ducati logos pepper the ornaments like belts melili linkar bodi. The architecture is made exactly like the original bike that was ridden by Paul.

Some touch and swinging arms dye calm tralis, but impressed more striking after the whole identical with tan and gold on a fork.

Part which is of course not to be missed of course lies in the momentum of the number 16 in the left-side of the aftermath. That figure is a form of luck when Paul captured the title at the Imola 200 in 1972. When he managed to subvert the world class racers such as Giacomo Agostini, Phil Read and John Cooper.

Ducati Paul Smart Limited Edition anya there are 24 units in the world and have all been digelontorkan in Thailand. In just a short time the tap is opened, all bookings direct units sold out! Thailand is indeed a very large market for Ducati.
iklan atas artikel

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Exclusive Ducati Scrambler Paul Smart Edition
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