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Ferrari F12tdf Finned Just Made 799 Units

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Ferrari F12tdf finned which would slide in the near future not only special in terms of technology and form, but also the number of units to be produced. As the vehicles are ready to plunge in this circuit, the amount of production was not even up to 800 units worldwide.

F12tdf is a form of expression just straight from the concept car's Highway to the extreme that nobody will look also mounts in this circuit are only made as many as 799 units.
 Ferrari F12tdf Finned Just Made 799 Units

He uses a machine that developed from his brother, F12 Berlinetta nature, which won the award several times. From the base car was F12tdf, developed with a number of reference based on the DNA of Ferrari.

It includes development on its V12 engine, aerodynamics, and vehicle dynamics. With the results in the form of points more in terms of acceleration and grip, the car Ferrari call Java.

Ferrari himself developed his car through the program XX which harness the riders who have not so experienced to try out their artificial high-performance cars. This became the background of why the fourth vehicle can turn.

The development of the Ferrari was named the system Virtual Short Wheelbase. This is the first technology that is applied to the F12tdf. Ferrari to make the rear wheels off. The process of his work involves logical controller that allows the rear wheels automatically adjust the angle of the car maneuvers while turning.

Beyond that, who 6.262 cc-engined supercar-powered 767 hp also has a wider front wheels to cope with oversteer. Enlarged wheel size of 255 be 275, with the channel front size of 9.5 inches to 10 inches so limit oversteer, but still provide a challenge for riders who have not so experienced.
iklan atas artikel

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Ferrari F12tdf Finned Just Made 799 Units
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