Monday, October 5, 2015

Honda CB190R

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Some time ago, Honda introduced a new model in China Honda CB190R and CBF190R. His new face as worthy to be a replacement for the Honda legend, Tiger.

 Honda CB190R

The dimensions of the motor is packed long 1982 mm, width 750 mm and a height of 1,041 mm. Honda stated that the Party was not simply enlarge the cylinder on the CB190R and CBF190R from the previous 150 cc be 190 cc (cylinder diameter 61 mm x 63 mm piston step).

Still provide driving pleasure as well as the level of fuel efficiency is better to rely on advanced technology Honda's PGM-FI (Programmed Fuel Injection). Combustion chamber also optimized especially at the intake and exhaust.

Tubular chassis structure, the use of reinforced claimed front suspension are larger models up-side down. In order for the distribution of the maximum weights moving agile 50% 50% in front and behind. Total motor weight is 140 kg.

Rake presented 26 degrees with distance sumburoda 1,356 mm. Exhaust shortened and the wearing of tyres the tread width to the size of 110/70-R17 at the front and 140/70-R17 at the rear. Stay comfortable with just 771 mm seat height.

LED lights not only at the instrument panel, rear brake and sein, but also penetrated into the headlights.

Engine one second the motor upright linder rather capacity 184 cc power reaches 16 hp and a torque of 15 Nm at 7,000 rpm. Five levels of acceleration entrusted transmission manual and minimal vibration.
iklan atas artikel

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Honda CB190R
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