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'The Faster Son' Yamaha XSR700 'Super 7' by JvB-moto

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A classic wrapped sport art ' The Faster Son ' Yamaha XSR700 crime Chabbot Engineering Shinya Kimura assembled and dressed with a part by part-custom team-builder of origin Germany JvB-moto (Jens vom Brauck).

Until the birth of a new character with the essence of the classic the sporty style brings similar but a little more dynamic.

 'The Faster Son' Yamaha XSR700 'Super 7' by JvB-moto

He is referred to as the Yamaha ' Super 7 '. Jens (short term JvB-moto) remodel retro impression XSR700 by adding the strip without having to cut or change order.

In essence, he just want to shift the XSR700 retro aura become elements of the heritage typical of the House customnya. From there was born a motor super clean that accentuates the work with weights very lightly, powerful and agile like a standard XSR700.

According to the exposure of Yamaha Motor Europe in the official site, almost most part worn by ' Super 7 ' is the original artificial JvB-moto and his plans will be available to a limited extent for some users XSR700. Some of these include exclusive device LED indicator and artificial Daytona speedometer. Side cover, exhaust and seat unit is uniquely formed because it is tailored to the needs of the custom House.

While in line aft, mudguard, taillight and license plate numbers placemat is also a result of her inimitable JvB-moto front mudguard, including that made dainty and practical.

The design of the legs ' Super 7 ' entrusted Pirelli Dragon Supercorsa tires on and rear suspension mono total grip from the manufacturer Ohlins. While the front forks are still relying on the default just a little shock modification to customize the design of the motor.
iklan atas artikel

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'The Faster Son' Yamaha XSR700 'Super 7' by JvB-moto
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