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GIRELLO – The Walker Friends for Fun Hanging Out in The City

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Retro works with cub, home modification Jezel Motorcycles this time indicates a different work than ever before to fill orders one of the lovers of automobiles in particular modifications. Take a basic motor ' men's ' 70s-era with a number of custom touches and merge part.

GIRELLO – The Walker Friends for Fun Hanging Out in The City

This time the works making Motorcycles Jezel quite unique, where Honda S90 1979 converted to motor with the concept of a Fun Retro-style Monkey, with a mix of some part of Honda's own, Suzuki and Yamaha.

Appear different, shows namannya unique however represent what an inspiration and hope from a custom motorcycle.

This work called GIRELLO, meaning Walker (the walker). In accordance with the themes that carried, this bike is more intended for the just for FUN, hang out and streets within the city.

To get the look of a custom motorcycle that fits the concept and customer satisfaction workshop this custom embed a number of parts.

For the sake of presenting a masculine impression, using tyres GIRELLO cross, Ape hanger Handlebar and sissy bar.

Basic motorcycle: Honda S90th 1979
Frame: Suzuki A 100
Wheels: Primax Trail 3.00 – 12 ", alloy wheels: MTR 12"/2.15
Ape hanger handle bars with Internal Throttle Mechanism and Opposite Clutch Lever
Electricity, 12 VDC
Lamp: 5 Watt LED (front), 3 watts of eagle eye (rear)
Free flow exhaust with Girello emblem as a heat protector
Laser Cut aluminum seat
Suspension: Front: rear: DT, Yamaha Suzuki Smash
Recondition engine
Paint: Tribal Airbrush
Accessories: Sissy bar, Hip flask, Jezel emblem
iklan atas artikel

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GIRELLO – The Walker Friends for Fun Hanging Out in The City
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