Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Elegant Feel of The Nissan Juke ' Stinger ' Edition!

One of the new costumes in the robes of a special limited edition Nissan Juke Stinger appears in mesmerizing event Los Angeles Auto Show some time ago. Offer the feel of elegant wrapped in characteristic of the Nissan crossover.
The Elegant Feel of The Nissan Juke ' Stinger ' Edition!

It is one of several models of cool results Color Studio Program, Juke shows more character Stinger classy without uninstalling the sporty impression. What's with the dominance of black yellow accents along with integrated into the identity of its uniqueness.

Some of its corners are given a touch of freshness with an accent of yellow at the rear view mirror cover, door handles, rear tailgate spoiler to front and rear bumper areas. Do not miss the sector legs also updated wearing burly rims size 17-inch.

The inside of the cabin, not less interesting. The cozy interior of the bundle looks increasingly cool with colors of yellow in the center console, air vent rings, stitching steering wheel, shift knob and power window switch plate.

According to the official web Special Edition Nissan, Nissan Juke Stinger it would made exclusive with limited quantities. The consumer must be ready to spend starting from US $ 23.290.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Yamaha R1 New Design Specifically for Race

Yamaha really seriously prepare concrete steps in preparing their action on the track World Superbike Championship (WSBK) years 2016 to come. The unpromising way proven by the decline model YZF-R1 and a new model designed specifically for racing.

Yamaha R1 New Design Specifically for Race

Family Yamaha R1 seems to be the coming of the new series again after previously inhabited by R1M, R1, and R1S as version terbawahnya. This time Yamaha offers a special version of the touted reserved only for racing. If distinguished at a glance in terms of accessories and various trinkets in his body, this race-only models such as R1 standard made minimal jewelry.

Laburan basically dressed plain black without the versatile accent strip charts. In fact, the license plate number, the back seat or rearview mirror no longer attached.

This model is already marketed in the special race bike dealers in Japan. It was intended to retain the kitchen runway R1 Yamaha Motor Europe hosts standards and sold in units is extremely limited. Even the process of booking only served until 21 December 2015, for a total span of time only three weeks.

Reserved price, Yamaha pegged the nominal 1,994,000 yen.