Monday, January 25, 2016

Ducati Introduces DraXter Concept Derivative XDiavel

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Ducati introduced a new variant that was intended for Motor Bike Expo presented by 2016 in Verona, Italy. A burly and so classy of physical items apparently taken from XDiavel model ever introduced late last November at the EICMA Show.

Ducati Draxter developed by Ducati team Design Centre. Physically keidentikan soul XDiavel clearly undeniable. But, some elements taken from the Marconi including suspension and braking system.

Just look how he formed with bending-bending firmly as the burly monsters ready to pounce their prey. He also armed by Termignoni exhaust running from the bottom of the machine that resembles a sharp fangs.

According to the report, all the designer blends are part of a large project in exploring the Ducati design for the future.

Figure 90 printed on under the cowl DraXter signifies the struggle of Ducati that already reached the age of 90 years. It indicates that Ducati would carry out the birthday celebration-90 this year.
iklan atas artikel

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Ducati Introduces DraXter Concept Derivative XDiavel
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