Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Honda Introduces New Generation of PCX 150

iklan atas artikel
The new year be a precious occasion to create Honda with their latest models. Honda Spacy in Malaysia, is now the latest news Viet Nam through Dodge 150 PCX .

Premium the matik appeared via a new character called ' unlock ' edition.

True to its name, New Honda PCX Unlock edition brings elegant concept and an additional safety feature in the form of Honda Smart Key. Through a sophisticated device that can power the latest, PCX machine and activate the security alarm system by simply relying on the remote control.

There is also a feature of the New Honda Smart controllers are wrapped with a sporty blue livery by LEDs. While the sharp eye ahead of her niece highlight emblazoned LED technology running light, which is also shared by the taillight design.

Luxurious and classy shades instantly feels directly since the rider turn on the instrument panel. This is due to the accent firmly from the mixture between analog and digital speedometer indicator, as well as the additional hours that is designed to make it easier for the rider to control the condition of the motor.

Want to carry quite a lot while driving? Quiet only because similar concept Spacy PCX with super extensive luggage to fit to store a helmet full face.
iklan atas artikel

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Honda Introduces New Generation of PCX 150
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