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Mustache and eyebrows, two icons of the design of the new Mercedes-Benz

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Output of cars Mercedes-Benz, in addition to often brings the technology upgrade, also featuring a new design which later became icons of the automotive world. In Indonesia alone, the cars Mercy always gets a nickname based on physical characteristics and design of the exterior.

Call it Mercy New Eyes that became the name of the term for several models of the Mercedes-Benz 1995 output until the early 2000s the nickname refers to the shape of the four semi oval headlights replace headlight design box on previous generations. Recorded a five-segment cars, such as Mercedes-Benz C-Class, E-Class, G-Class, S-Class, SL-Class, and in that period adopted the design of the New Eyes.

Mustache and eyebrows, two icons of the design of the new Mercedes-Benz

Mid-2000s, the design of the Mercedes-Benz back got a refresher. A number of Variant that is popular in Indonesia appeared with the design of the headlights are still similar to New Eyes, but impressed. From there emerged the nickname Peanut Eyes of Mercy, because it forms a light house notched leather like peanuts.

Now in 2016, Mercedes-Benz presents new design characteristics, i.e. a mustache and eyebrows. It's just a nickname so catchy. The design of the headlights is Mercedes-Benz's latest output has not adopted the form of oval. "But back to design the boxes with sharp corners, although on some type of trapezoid shape still." Since 2012, he said, the manufacturer logo star is applying a sharp angles, light design on the model of the E-Class facelift, which followed A-Class, C-Class, and S-Class.

That model seems to be maintained until a few generations into the future. Today, Mercedes-Benz introduced its newest Sport Utility Vehicle, the New design adopts GLE headlight trapezoid. Mercedes-Benz of each product should have the characteristic that distinguishes with other brands.

According to Bauer, though it should have a special feature of the La Mercy, but every car variant required have the particularity of each. The designers are challenged to design a car that Benz if seen in dark conditions, people can instantly know that it's the Mercedes-Benz cars and the type.

Well, in later models the outputs of 2015 and 2016, in addition to the design of the headlights corners, Mercedes-Benz adds additional features namely a line-shaped LED lights melancip. "We call it the eyebrows." These eyebrows so new icon of Mercy. The eyebrows are placed above the main lights, designed to stay lit when the car is driven. In Europe and North America, turned on the lights of a car even though during the day (day light-running) is indeed already a liability.

Another characteristic that looks at new car automotive Mercy is the bar horizontal grill part of the ornamentation (a hole in the radiator) which is shaped like a mustache. Mercedes calls this grill bar with the name of the Louvre. Ornament grille, it is often used as a trademark brand of car. BMW for example that maintains the design of split-kidney (kidney-shaped hole at the two spout) on their cars since the first till now.

Mustache Mercy later was designed differently on each class. For the G-Class, we design this grill ornament shaped thick so impressed dashing and assertive. But in other classes, decorations that mustache there made thinner. The numbers vary. Anyway every Mercedes-Benz car must have had similar design line
iklan atas artikel

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Mustache and eyebrows, two icons of the design of the new Mercedes-Benz
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