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Shell Created 550 Kg of energy-efficient Car 34 Percent

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To significantly reduce energy use in the sector of transport highways, Shell finally introduced the urban ready concept car produced. The car has a capacity of three passenger harnesses cutting-edge technology available today through a process of "co-engineering". In the process, the body of the car, the design of the engine, and the engine oil is made collectively.

This new car is the fruit of collaboration between engineering co-designers of vehicles, engines, and world's leading lubricants, who designed the third element of the vehicle-specific to work optimally together.

The results of independent testing and research on the life cycle of the vehicle showed that the Shell concept car will be able to save primary energy amounted to 34 per cent throughout her life cycle when compared to urban car in General that there is in the United Kingdom
Shell Created 550 Kg of energy-efficient Car 34 Percent
The concept car Shell only requires about 50 percent of the energy required to produce and operate a small family car that was commonly used in the United Kingdom and 31 per cent of the energy required a common SUV vehicles available in the United Kingdom.

The Shell concept car was the result of a total overhaul of the design of urban car Gordon Murray t. 25 production in 2010 at the time using production prototype Shell Oil to improve its energy efficiency.

This project is an important achievement in the field of automotive engineering. I feel proud of the achievement of top scientists and their partners from the Geo Technology and Gordon Murray Design. The insights gained from this project will change the way our point of view against the use of energy in the transport sector of the highway.

Energy use and climate change is a serious problem in the community. This project proved that if we use the technology of today with the best, up-to-date knowledge about including lubricants, we are able to produce a significant impact of the use of energy while reducing CO2 emissions.

In the making of this car, a holistic approach is applied to reduce energy by focusing on material selection design of engine capacity downsizing, massively so that less energy is needed, and process transfers energy to the more simple and efficient thanks to the engine design and the innovative lubricant formulations in order to minimize the negative effects of energy consumption during the whole life cycle.

Car fuel consumption have been measured using a variety of protocols of test vehicle that includes a steady state or urban driving style. Sample test results among other things indicate the level of fuel consumption at a steady state 2.64 liters/100 km, 38km/liter, or 89.1 miles/gallon US at the speed of 70 km/h and a decrease in emissions by 4, 67 g of CO2/km based on the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) thanks to the use of a lubricant that specially designed, or the equivalent of an increase in fuel efficiency by 5 percent compared with the standard engine oil that is commonly available in the United Kingdom.

The Shell concept car tested independently certified automotive test facilities in the United Kingdom and a number of cars compared to others who have similar conditions to measure the fuel economy and CO2 emissions. In an official NEDC test, Shell concept car produces lower CO2 emissions compared to gasoline-fuelled urban car (28 percent) and hybrid (32 percent).

Based on the platform iStreamâ of Gordon Murray Design which has been patented, the Shell concept car symbolizes the radical overhaul in terms of design, development, and production of the car. This car combines cutting-edge technologies new lightweight, namely 550kg and manufactured of materials with a low carbon footprint and energy are chosen carefully.

This car may be small, but it has enormous potential. We want to accelerate the progress of discussions about how we could make the highway vehicles more energy efficient and low carbon. Therefore, in the next few weeks and months to come, we intend to share the results of the research project with the designer of the engine, the car manufacturers, academics, and other experts in the field of automotive.
iklan atas artikel

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Shell Created 550 Kg of energy-efficient Car 34 Percent
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